Emma Azizi is a poet, fashion and runway model, designer, singer, songwriter, stylist, influencer and philanthropist.

Emma’s talents were brought to light at the age of 9. She was fond of fashion design, music, and dance. It was clear that a bright future was waiting for her. Emma has many talents including writing poems and song, playing organ, guitar, and violin as well as dancing and choreography.

At the tender age of 17, Emma was discovered by a photography studio but sadly in Iran, where she was born and raised, women are strictly prohibited from modelling, therefore her modelling shoots were never published. During the same period, Emma’s first book of poetry was published and she received offers from a couple of movie directors to act. Emma continued her studies and completed an MA degree in Persian literature. In 2015 Emma took the very hard decision to leave her home, her family and followed a long and difficult journey to London to finally achieve all her goals.

In 2018, Emma became finalist at both “Top Model UK and Miss Motors F1”. Emma has been featured in a number of fashion magazines and news articles including Elle, Fab UK, London Fashion Week, London Runway & Hurriyet Daily news.

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